Thursday, April 06, 2006

Greenpeace in the news

Greenpeace is mad at McDonalds for destroying the Amazon rain forrest...

Greenpeace on Thursday said McDonald's was fueling Amazon rainforest destruction by using soybeans grown in the region as feed for chickens that end up served in the fast-food chain's European restaurants.
In a reported entitled, "Eating up the Amazon," the environmental group said it has traced soy beans grown in illegally desforested areas of the rainforest to McDonald's restaurants, as well as other restaurant chains and supermarkets across Europe.
"Fast Food giants like McDonald's are trashing the Amazon for cheap meat. Every time you buy a Chicken McNugget you could be taking a bite out of the Amazon," Greenpeace forests campaign coordinator Gavin Edwards said by telephone from London.

Why on Earth would Europeans buy soybeans from the Amazon when the US has an abundance of beans for sale? Oh, I see...back in 1999, Greenpeace told them to!

Yesterday, German Greenpeace activists dressed in bird suits launched a campaign against McDonald's chicken nuggets and sandwiches produced from broilers grown with GMO feed. Biotech food has been effectively taken off the shelves in Germany because of consumer resistance.
The campaign against biotech in animal feed, however, is a step in a new direction that may have impacts on US soybean exports and, to a lesser extent, corn. In 1999, Germany bought almost 6% of US soybean exports, over 1.3 million tons of beans. 80% went to animal feed in carnivorous Germany....
Some European feed markets are already non-GMO. Cargill's UK poultry subsidiary switched to Brazilian soybean sources last year following the anti-biotech pandemonium in the UK.


At 11:11 AM, Anonymous iroquiois said...

i don't understand people. don't they understand what stuff like this can hurt people. the food we eat has a lot of stuff in it that harms things in the world. I am Native American. when my ancesters were here they tryed to save the earth. mother earth is a great provider if the world would only use what they catch or fish for. like the buffalo. when the native american were here and they shot buffalo they used everything on the animal. please stop doing harm in the things in the world before we have no world left. thank you and think about.


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