Monday, April 10, 2006

All politics is local...

...but for Democrats to gain control of the House and Senate, the election in 2006 must be on National issues. Charles Schumer said as much here, suggested that 80% of the '06 results will be based on how George Bush and not the candidates running. I think this is wishful thinking and it flys in the face of all political conventional wisdom.

And then there's this bit of news from Nevada...Jimmy Carter's son, Jack Carter is getting his clock cleaned in the Nevada Senate race. Carter's anti Bush stance is winning no votes against the incumbent Repbuclian, John Ensign.

Rogich said Carter has campaigned against the entire Republican party, trying to tar Ensign with the brush of Republican actions in Washington and President Bush's unpopularity. But that is not likely to work, he said, quoting the "all politics is local" maxim of former House Speaker Tip O'Neill.
"I still subscribe to that," Rogich said. "You have to find a compelling reason in each individual race why you would kick out a particular incumbent."
Brad Coker, managing partner of Mason-Dixon Polling and Research Inc., which conducted the survey, agreed, noting that the margin by which Ensign was ahead had widened. In an October Review-Journal poll, Ensign had 59 percent to Carter's 25 percent.

Here's the catch...Bush is only at 37% approve in Nevada. According to Schumer, Carter should, at the very least, be competitive.


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