Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Bush up 5% in a week

5% in a week? This is what you'd call a "surge" in the polls, yet silence from the MSM.

Monday March 27, 2006--Forty-five percent (45%) of American adults approve of the way George W. Bush is performing his role as President.
It is not clear whether the recent uptick in the President's Approval Rating is a lasting improvement or statistical noise. However, the change reflects a rebound among Republicans, 80% of whom now give the President their approval. That's a lower level of support than the President enjoyed from the GOP faithful during his first five years in office. However, it is an improvement from the last couple of weeks.

Also from Rasmussen, Santorum is gaining...depending on your perspective, it's either a slight gain or a "slow and steady wins the race gain". I'm in the slow and steady camp...

March 28, 2006--Though Senator Rick Santorum continues to lag behind Democratic challenger Bob Casey, Jr., Casey's lead has declined a bit. In the latest Rasmussen Reports election poll, Casey now earns support from just 48% of voters statewide. That's a four-point drop since February. Santorum has gained a couple points since that poll but is still in decrepit shape for an incumbent.
Casey has lost at least a point in each of the last several surveys. The decline likely reflects renewed attention to the abortion issue. At one point, there was a possibility that abortion-rights activist Kate Michelman would enter the race as an independent. Michelman and other Democrats are disappointed that Casey, like Santorum, is pro-life. The new South Dakota law banning almost all abortions in the state has also spotlighted the issue.


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