Monday, January 30, 2006

Dean is in trouble

I've said it before, Dean will be fired come December '06. The Democrats stand to lose ground in both the Senate and House at this point.

From Drudge...

Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill are privately bristling over Howard Dean’s management of the Democratic National Committee and have made those sentiments clear after new fundraising numbers showed he has spent nearly all the committee’s cash and has little left to support their efforts to gain seats this cycle, ROLL CALL reports.Congressional leaders were furious last week when they learned the DNC has just $5.5 million in the bank, compared to the Republican National Committee’s $34 million.Senate and House Minority Leaders Harry Reid (Nev.) and Nancy Pelosi (Calif.), along with the Senate and House campaign committee chairmen Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Rahm Emanuel (Ill.), have made their concerns -- directly or indirectly -- known to Dean, claims the paper. Emanuel was particularly upset last week upon seeing the latest DNC numbers.“A lot of people are scratching their heads as to what’s going on,” said one senior Democratic aide. Another Democratic source familiar with the party fundraising apparatus said there is “obvious displeasure” among the leaders.

More on the Hamas win...

I actually think the Hamas victory in Palestine is a good thing. From what I read, it was a fair and free election...Hamas winning was the will of the people. Isn't it better that Israel, the US and the EU know the true nature of the Palestinian people? It's not like Fatah wasn't a terrorist party. Hamas, at least, doesn't hide it. Hamas now wants an army...good. This now makes every government institution a fair target when future hostilities break out.

As convoluted as the example is, Hitler was elected, too. The only way the German people knew that their choice of leaders was wrong was when they found their country in ruins.

Israel will build its fence. The border will be set. The Palestinians will have their of luck to them and their ilk.

Some are saying how this is proof that the Bush doctrine of pushing for democracy is flawed. I just don't see that. There's a reason that Hamas's because we (The US, the UN and the EU) supported Fatah, a corrupt and ineffective institution. If you're a Palestinian who's been told for years how Arafat will make your life better and it never happens, why wouldn't you vote his party out of office?

What happened in Palestine is a consequence of years of errors on dealing with Arafat and Fatah. These are the same errors we made in dealing with the Shah of Iran, Pre Iran/Iraq war Hussein...even Cuba's Batista. The easy choice was to support Arafat...and this is what happens.

Now, the Civil War that I'm predicting will occur in Palestine was going to happen whether or not Hamas won last week or not. Sometimes, these types of conflicts are inevitable. And unless the EU wants to send in thousands of troops to act as peacekeepers to keep the different factions from killing each other (like we're doing in Iraq), a violent Civil War is what we're going to see.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Alito bounce, cont.

who was it who said Bush would be at 49% once Alito was fully confirmed?

Today, from Rasmussen...

Sunday January 29, 2006--Forty-nine percent (49%) of American adults approve of the way George W. Bush is performing his role as President. Fifty percent (50%) disapprove.
It is not clear whether this uptick in Job Approval over the past three days is a lasting change or merely statistical noise.
The President earns approval from 81% of Republicans, 23% of Democrats, and 40% of those not affiliated with either major political party.

Bob Woodruff injured in Iraq

ABC achor Bob Woodruff was injured by an IED in Iraq today.

The Daily Kos community urges his speedy recovery...
Bush Cheerleader (1.66 / 9)
I ain't all that sorry, I gotta tell you. A couple of thousand kids plus are dead, thousands more blown apart, a lot of which can be laid at that Woodruff shit's feet. Just HOW sorry am I supposed to be?
That's one small step for man, and one giant %#&* air for mankind...
mogulking on Sun Jan 29, 2006 at 09:05:31 AM PDT


Saturday, January 28, 2006

The left's media jihad

it's no secret that the far left now sees the media as "too conservative". See here and here. The outrage du jour is directed at Tim Russert, mainly for his failure to disclose a relationship between James Carville and his son, Luke. Huffington thinks it should have been disclosed on the MTP appearance when Russert was interviewing Carville and his brain, Mary Matalin.

Only problem is Russert tried to tell the audience and Carville refused. It's Carville who's at fault. Read the transcript. Carville's brain does tell about the relationship, but that goes unreported. (note on the transcript...MSNBC doesn't have it up any longer...strange)

Here's the relevant passage...I had copied and pasted it into an email before MSNBC removed the link.

MS. MATALIN: It provides a revenue stream. I want to give something to the person that’s going to be joining James in this new endeavor, because prolonged exposure to James requires an antidote. it's called, "Think." Give that to your son.

Russert has also committed the sin of speaking the truth of Abramoff's clients and their donations to both Republican and Democratic members of Congress. I do understand that the left has a point that Abramoff's clients should be treated differently than Abramoff, but the left loses the ability to make that argument when they themselves use Abramoff's clients against Republicans and not Democrats.

See this post from the Kos...

A new and extensive analysis of campaign donations from all of Jack Abramoff's tribal clients, done by a nonpartisan research firm, shows that a great majority of contributions made by those clients went to Republicans. The analysis undercuts the claim that Abramoff directed sums to Democrats at anywhere near the same rate.
The analysis, which was commissioned by The American Prospect and completed on Jan. 25, was done by Dwight L. Morris and Associates, a for-profit firm specializing in campaign finance that has done research for many media outlets [...]
The analysis shows:
in total, the donations of Abramoff's tribal clients to Democrats dropped by nine percent after they hired him, while their donations to Republicans more than doubled, increasing by 135 percent after they signed him up;
five out of seven of Abramoff's tribal clients vastly favored Republican candidates over Democratic ones;
four of the seven began giving substantially more to Republicans than Democrats after he took them on;
Abramoff's clients gave well over twice as much to Republicans than Democrats, while tribes not affiliated with Abramoff gave well over twice as much to Democrats than the GOP -- exactly the reverse pattern.
"It's very hard to see the donations of Abramoff's clients as a bipartisan greasing of the wheels," Morris, the firm's founder and a former investigations editor at the Los Angeles Times, told The Prospect.

you can't have it both ways...either Abramoff's clients count or they don't. I know the guy who did the study thinks it shows the left's view of this, but I don't agree.

What the f***!?!

If you are eating something that has "E120" listed as one of the ingredients, you are eating crushed up bugs that are added to give whatever you are eating its red color.

At least, I assume, it's, what the hell is Yellow Number 5 made of?

WASHINGTON (AP) -- That ice cream you're eating or the lipstick you're wearing just might contain extract from crushed bugs. On purpose.
And the government thinks you should know.
The Food and Drug Administration proposed Friday requiring food and cosmetic labels to list cochineal extract or carmine if a product's ingredients include either of the two red colorings that have been extracted from the ground bodies of an insect known since the time of the Aztecs.
Release of the proposed rule came after the FDA received 35 reports of hypersensitivity to the colorings, the agency said. A 1998 petition by the Center for Science in the Public Interest asked that the FDA take action.
The widespread use of the dyes in everything from yogurt to lipstick hasn't exactly been well-disclosed: The ingredients typically are listed as "color added" or "E120," the FDA said.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

The end of Ford and GM...

...the NASCAR dad has a new car...

Toyota’s NASCAR entry all about the heartland
In the fierce struggle to win over the hearts and minds of American automobile consumers, Toyota is preparing to do battle in the nation’s heartland.
This week, Toyota announced it plans to become the first foreign manufacturer since the 1950s to supply cars for NASCAR’s top series, entering a Camry — the nation’s best-selling car — in the NASCAR Nextel Cup and Busch series in 2007.

A Chocolate city...

...without the chocolate...

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP)The city of New Orleans could lose up to 80 percent of its black population if people displaced by Hurricane Katrina are not able to return to their damaged neighborhoods, according to an analysis released Thursday by a Brown University sociologist.

Mayor Nagin's dream is dead. At best, we're going to have a fudge ripple New Orleans. At worst, butter pecan. Tragic...

Byrd supports Alito

think it has something to do with John Raese entering the race for Byrd's Senate seat?

The Kos thinks so.

Now, here's the great part...this just ads to the competitive Senate seats that Democrats will have to defend. There's a real good chance that Raese can win this seat. Combine that with Kean's lead in NJ and crazy numbers from PA. By crazy, I mean Lynn Swan is all of a sudden leading Ed Rendell in the polls. Swan is pro life. But Santorum still trails Casey...both are pro life. The foil hat left is furious that Rendell and Casey supported Alito. My opinion is that Santorum will pull out a win in Pennsylvania.

I heart Harry Reid!

Just in time for Valentine's Day...the Harry Reid thong...order here.

this is going to sound harsh, but...

...there's no reason that a 15 year old girl, without a license, should be out doing errands for her mother. This entire family is destroyed because a mom, however well intentioned, allowed her daughter to illegally driver her brothers and sisters around in the family van.

Further, she is a foster mom. Here's a noble woman who, to give her the benefit of the doubt, made a tragic mistake. I fear, however, that more will come out on the mother in the next few days.

(UPDATE: From MSNBC, "High school sophomore Tara Brown said Nicki Mann was her best friend and that she came to the school to pick up the children every day." See what I mean about more coming out about the mother...the 15 year old was doing this on a daily basis.)

Either way, 7 kids who should be in school today, are not.

LAKE BUTLER, Florida (CNN) -- News of a crash in which seven children perished so upset their grandfather that he had a massive heart attack and died, the children's adoptive mother said.
"I lost my daddy tonight," Barbara Mann said Wednesday. "My dad died of a massive heart attack tonight over all this. He lost all seven of his grandkids ... I can't deal with this."
A tractor-trailer plowed into the children's car near Gainesville, Florida, Wednesday, slamming it into the rear of a school bus that had stopped to let children off.
The car burst into flames, killing all the children inside, said Lt. Mike Burroughs of the Florida Highway Patrol.

The mouse that roared...

what happens if one of these gets in my house and I kill it on a glue trap?

Tiny Mouse May Stay on Endangered List

An acrobatic mouse is threatening Bush administration efforts to give Western developers an upper hand over endangered species.
The Preble's meadow jumping mouse is in fact a unique creature with "distinct evolutionary lineages that merit separate management consideration," says a U.S. Geological Survey study presented Wednesday to senior Interior Department officials.
"Those populations facing demographic challenges should be afforded high conservation priority," the study says.
That finding contradicts research touted by Interior Secretary Gale Norton last February when she proposed removing the mouse from the government's endangered species list. Critics say it also undercuts the administration's claim that it uses the best science available in promoting fewer protections for imperiled wildlife.

Good new for Israel

Hamas winning the election yesterday is fantastic news for Israel. The world will finally see the terrorist state that Israel calls its neighbor. Israel can build its security fence as high as it wants, wherever it wants. Israel can patrol the fence with rabid wolves and it wouldn't matter. The Palestinians wanted a state of their own and now they have it. Hamas won on a platform of social services and an end to corruption...let's see how they do....

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

the DLC on Iraq's democracy

From the website of the Democratic Leadership Council. When you read this, please realize that Hillary Clinton is one of the DLC's leaders...

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, these elections help vindicate the basic idea that democracy remains the strongest weapon in what is ultimately a war of ideas against Islamist extremism. By this we don't mean democracy as a magic elixir, as Bush administration officials sometimes seem to describe it, but democracy as a process whereby people wounded and fearful after decades of tyranny learn to negotiate, compromise, build up institutions of civil society, and forge a national identity based on mutual respect and free consent rather than brutal coercion.
And if that can happen in Iraq, it can happen throughout the Middle East -- in Palestine, in Egypt, and even in Saudi Arabia.

In the end, that's the just and worthy cause we are fighting for in Iraq -- the cause our troops have suffered and died for -- and we urge Democrats in particular to look beyond our justifiable anger at the administration's many blunders and its stubborn refusal to admit them, and embrace that cause as our own.

the left's hypocrisy on search engines

Democrats are going batty over the Bush DOJ asking for Google's search engine results...of course, Google's voluntary censorship of it's search results in China is okey dokey.

But, then again, maybe there's some history here...what's the old Churchill line again...something like, "madam, I've already established what type of woman you are (a whore)...I'm just negotiating the price"...

From the official Chinese media, the People's Daily:

Former president Bill Clinton on Monday helped launch a new Internet search company backed by the Chinese government which says its technology uses artificial intelligence to produce better results than Google Inc.
"I hope you all make lots of money," Clinton told executives at the launch of Accoona Corp., which donated an undisclosed amount to the William J. Clinton Foundation.
The Chinese government, one of several large backers, has granted Accoona a 20-year exclusive partnership with the China Daily Information Co., the government agency that runs an official Chinese and English Web site.
The deal gives Accoona data on some 5 million Chinese companies, which Accoona sees as a lucrative opportunity as U.S. businesses seek to do business in China ahead of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Japan to build a Death Star?!?

This, I think, is great news. If American were to build a Death Star, it would be way too expensive, with our legacy health care costs and all. Let's hope that the Japanese don't bow down to the envrios, however, and build their super-weapon with a hybrid engine. What good is a Death Star if it's not fully powered?

LDP seeks change in principle on peaceful use of space
The ruling Liberal Democratic Party is calling for a review of the government's stance on the peaceful use of space to enable nonaggressive development of the final frontier for purely defensive purposes.
The strategy represents a major switch in a policy that has been in place since 1969 when Japan adopted a Diet resolution that restricted the use of space to nonmilitary purposes. Under the currently accepted understanding that strictly regulates space exploration for defense purposes, the government has interpreted peaceful uses of space as having nonmilitary applications.
But a special committee on space development under the LDP's Policy Research Council will ask the government to revise that interpretation, party sources said. They said it is at odds with what other nations are doing.

Michael Jackson turns into Arab woman!

MANAMA, Bahrain - Pop star Michael Jackson was spotted shopping in a Bahrain mall on Wednesday, hiding his face behind a veil and donning a black robe traditionally worn by women in the Gulf.
He was with three children, apparently his own, who also had their faces covered by dark scarves. An unidentified woman accompanied them.

Tim Russert, tool of the VRWC...

so says Howard Dean and Randi Rhodes...

The Alito bounce

it seems that Jersey is turning just a little bit red...

via Rasmussen:

January 25, 2006--In the race to be New Jersey's next U.S. Senator, Republican state Senator Tom Kean Jr. now leads appointed Democratic Senator Robert Menendez 42% to 35% (see crosstabs). Kean is son of a popular former governor.
That's quite a change from our
December 8 survey, conducted at the time Menendez was appointed. In that survey, Menendez led Kean 38% to 34%. Almost half of those then surveyed, 49%, reported having no opinion of either man.
In each survey, roughly a quarter of likely voters were unsure of how they would vote.
Kean receives more enthusiasm from Republicans (73%) than Menendez does from Democrats (59%). Perhaps reflecting the popularity of the Republican candidate's father, 21% of Democrats say they would vote for Kean given a Kean-Menendez contest.
Among married voters Kean leads Menendez 49% to 29%.
Fifty-three percent (53%) of New Jersey voters believe Samuel Alito should be confirmed to the Supreme Court. Alito is from New Jersey. See comparisons with other
states on the Alito confirmation.

Deadbeat Democrats

the Kos is angry that some Democrats aren't paying their bills...

so far, the Democrats are $20MM short on dues. It's not like there's an election or anything coming up....

Maps for illegal aliens

The Mexican government is distributing maps to those wishing to cross into Arizona from Mexico. The maps give the location of water and aid stations as well as the best routes to take.

The National Human Rights Commission, a government-financed agency with independent powers, denied the maps -- similar to a comic-style guide booklet Mexico distributed last year -- would encourage illegal immigration.
Officials said the maps would help guide those in trouble to rescue beacons and areas with cell phone reception. The maps will also show the distance a person can walk in the desert in a single day.

RWD: This seems incredibly stupid to me...doesn't this tell the Border Patrol where to look?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why are Democrats changing the subject?

I thought we're supposed to be on the defensive because of Bush's NSA "problem"...if so, why would the Democrats be changing the subject to Katrina?
The DNC weighs in here.
Joe Lieberman weighs in here.
Funny how all the criticism is directed at Bush, and none at Blanco or Nagin.
I guess the Democrats are going to try to move the debate from National Security to "Bush is an idiot".
That worked so well in 2004, 2002 and 2000...

Corzine's pick for Attorney General

TRENTON, Jan. 23 - Gov. Jon S. Corzine's nominee to become New Jersey's next attorney general cleared a significant hurdle on Monday despite questions from lawmakers about a driving record that includes 13 speeding tickets and at least two warrants for failing to appear in court.

The nominee, Zulima V. Farber, won the approval of the State Senate Judiciary Committee by a vote of 8-2. After an often contentious four-hour hearing, Ms. Farber's nomination now moves to the full Senate for a vote that could come as early as next week.

and this...

Mr. Cardinale, one of two Republicans to oppose Ms. Farber's nomination, said that he was concerned about the state appointing someone who had been repeatedly accused of breaking traffic laws as its top law enforcement official.

"Your record taken in its totality does not support the notion that you have respect for the law," he said. Later, he said that approving Ms. Farber's nomination might send a message "to young people, to the whole population of the state of New Jersey, that it's O.K. to offend the law repeatedly time after time. To have bench warrants issued for your arrest is not an impediment. I cannot bring myself to vote for you."

Olympic truce

Kofi Annan has proposed an Olympic truce...

1. There's an Olympics this year?
2. I had no idea that Islamic terrorists were fielding any teams.

Negative Political Campaign - Arab style

Palestinian Pol Slain on Eve of Vote

By ALI DARAGHMEH, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 29 minutes ago

Palestinian gunmen linked to the ruling Fatah movement killed one of their party leaders Tuesday, increasing tensions on the eve of parliamentary balloting and raising doubts about a new pledge by armed groups in the West Bank and Gaza to hold their fire during the vote.

Opinion polls have shown Fatah and Hamas in a close race ahead of Wednesday's election and both sides have said they might form a coalition government. Candidates were banned from campaigning Tuesday for a cooling-off period before the election.

Mushir al-Masri, a Hamas candidate in northern Gaza, said the Islamic group expects to become the largest party in parliament. But it will not try to form a government alone, instead seeking a partnership with Fatah or other parties, he said.

US outsources torture

Are no American jobs safe?  In John Kerry's America, all the good, high paying torture jobs will be held by Americans!
Investigator: U.S. 'Outsourced' Torture

By JAN SLIVA, Associated Press Writer1 hour, 35 minutes ago

The head of a European investigation into alleged CIA secret prisons in Europe said Tuesday there was evidence the United States outsourced torture to other countries and it was likely European governments knew about it.

But Swiss senator Dick Marty said there was no formal evidence so far of the existence of clandestine detention centers in Romania or Poland as alleged by the New York-based Human Rights Watch.

"There is a great deal of coherent, convergent evidence pointing to the existence of a system of 'relocation' or 'outsourcing' of torture," Marty said in a report presented to the Council of Europe, the human rights watchdog investigating the alleged secret prisons.

The report said more than 100 terror suspects may have been transferred to countries where they faced torture or ill treatment in recent years.

Canadian Elections

Yes, I watched last was hilarious. My left leaning and non political wife thought so, too. It was kind of like a Daily Show skit.

First of all, everyone was white. I guess Canada is a white chocolate country. I only saw one Native Canadian...and with all that is talked about in the US on the damage Bush and the conservatives have done to the Native Alaskans and the environment, the Native Canadian I saw winning was running as a Conservative.

Second, you had people winning in districts that were smaller than many US high schools.

Third, they had this little electoral map on the top of the screen...Canada really is a funny looking country when it's not attached to the rest of North America - more water than land.

And finally, Wayne Gretzky's uncle lost his bid to become a member of Parliament...Camelot North is dead.

Monday, January 23, 2006

illegal aliens suing the USA...

from Today's NY Times...

Hundreds of noncitizens were swept up on visa violations in the weeks after 9/11, held for months in a much-criticized federal detention center in Brooklyn as "persons of interest" to terror investigators, and then deported. This week, one of them is back in New York and another is due today - the first to return to the United States.

RWD: Let me help edit the above paragraph...

Hundres of illegal aliens were arrested for violating the immigration laws of the United States in the weeks after 9/11, held for a short period of time in a detention center in Brookly as "persons of interest" to terror investigators. Once it was determined that these immigrants were in fact in the United States illegally, they were deported.

Sudan and the African Union

Sudan wants to be the head of the AU, a mini-me version of the EU...

Sudan has nominated itself to chair the 53-member AU, based on a tradition that the host becomes the next head. Sudan, which is under fire for rights abuses, wants to take over from Nigeria at the two-day summit which opened in Khartoum on Monday.

Soy prodcuts not healthy

so says the American Heart Association.

An American Heart Association committee reviewed a decade of studies on soy's benefits and came up with results that are now casting doubt on the health claim that soy-based foods and supplements significantly lower cholesterol. The findings could lead the Food and Drug Administration to re-evaluate rules that currently allow companies to tout a cholestorol-lowering benefit on the labels of soy-based food.

Friday, January 20, 2006

The Two Clintons...

Hillary on Iran...from January 18, 2006...

Sen. Hillary Clinton called for United Nations sanctions against Iran as it resumes its nuclear program and faulted the Bush administration for "downplaying" the threat.
In an address Wednesday evening at Princeton University, Clinton, D-N.Y., said it was a mistake for the U.S. to have Britain, France and Germany head up nuclear talks with Iran over the past 2 1/2 years. Last week, Iran resumed nuclear research in a move Tehran claims is for energy, not weapons.

Bill on Iran...from January 13, 2006...

On Iran, Clinton said he believed the international community has to bring Iran before the U.N. Security Council, after the country broke seals at its main uranium enrichment facility.
However, asked if he thought the U.S. would invade Iran, he said: "I doubt it."
"I don't know where we would get the troops right now," Clinton said.
Referring to current U.S. President George W. Bush, he said: "He's shown a lot of restraint there, you know, he let the European negotiating effort take the lead."

And why do we have the Iranian problem at all? Thanks Bill!...
WASHINGTON (AllPolitics, June 24) -- President Clinton vetoed legislation on Iranian sanctions Tuesday, saying it "would hinder, not help, our overall national interests."
The legislation would have automatically imposed sanctions on any foreign government or business that supplied ballistic missile technology to Iran.

And this...Here we have CBS, a year ago, contrasting what Bill wants to do with Iran with what Bush wants...

"We ought to give a vigorous push to diplomacy. We must exhaust all reasonable diplomatic activities," said Clinton. The administration of U.S. President George W. Bush has suggested to take Iran to the U.N. Security Council.

The Reagan Revolution...

...turns 25 today. It's also the 25 year anniversary of the Iranians releasing the hostages.

Some excerpts on the Revolution from today's WSJ...

276 months, the U.S. economy has been in recession for only 15. That is to say, 94% of the time the U.S. economy has been creating jobs (43 million in all) and wealth ($30 trillion).

More wealth has been created in the U.S. in the last quarter-century than in the previous 200 years.

Today, nearly all economists agree with Reagan's then-controversial belief that the sole purpose of monetary policy should be to keep prices stable. Double-digit inflation is a distant memory unlikely to recur anytime soon.

On tax policy, Reaganomics has also carried the day, if somewhat less completely. Tax rates in the U.S. are on average half as high now as they were in the 1970s, and almost every nation has followed the Reagan model of lower tax rates. Even Bill Clinton only dared to raise the top marginal income tax rate back to 39.5%, not 50% or 70%.

And this most important of all...

...recall the Gipper's words in his inauguration speech 25 years ago: "It is no coincidence that our present troubles parallel and are proportionate to the intervention and intrusion in our lives that result from unnecessary and excessive growth of government."

call Eliot Spitzer

let's see...the NY Transit Strike cost the city of New York say a Billion dollars. Yet, no charges against the TWU...

But, rest easy New Yorkers...Eliot Spitzer is on the job...

A Hicksville talent agency deceived dozens of parents, collecting high fees while falsely promising to launch their children into acting and modeling careers, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's office said yesterday.Under the terms of a settlement with Spitzer's office, the company, New Faces Development Center, agreed to repay aggrieved customers a total of $500,000 and to stop its pattern of deception.

Joe Biden and NBC

somehow, Joe Biden found a way to rack up nearly $7000 in travel expenses to travel from South Carolina to Washington, DC for an appearance on Meet the Press.

#27 on this list...

and $1450 to get from Wilimington, DE to Washington, DC for MTP...
#32 on the list above.

As a matter of fact, Joe Biden looks to be the biggest loser if there is an end to privately funded travel. Imagine that...having to pay his own way to get on TV...

The Aspen Institute

The Aspen Institute, a left leaning think tank, is the biggest giver of private travel over the past 5 years. Take a look at some of the places these guys send our public servants...looks like an ad for a travel agency.

Hillary and privately funded travel

Why is the William Jefferson Clinton foundation funding Hillary's travel? All we hear from the Bill is "how rich he is" and "how he doesn't need the Bush tax cut". Really? Why is he having his non profit pay for his wife's trips?

Here's a good one...$1250 for lodging, paid for by the WJC foundation. The lodging is in NYC. Was the drive home to Westchester too long?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Democrats and privately funded travel

here's a list of privately funded trips over the past 5 years. Harold Ford leads Congress with 69. Biden is second with 64.

you can click on each Rep. or Senator and see where they've been.

Here's the biggest giver...the Aspen institute.

over the past 5 years, Democrats have taken 3796 trips...Republicans have taken 2858.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

who wrote this???

hint...he's in the news of late...

Current law should be amended to clarify the U.S. Customs Service's authority to search outbound international mail.

Without a warrant, no less!

Complement technology with automated passenger profiling. Profiling can leverage an investment in technology and trained people. Based on information that is already in computer databases, passengers could be separated into a very large majority who present little or no risk, and a small minority who merit additional attention.

Profiling! Data mining! The outrage!

Thank God Al Gore lost in 2000, or else we'd live in his police state!

That's right...these are the words of Vice President Al Gore in his 1997 report on airline security to President Clinton.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Eleanor Clift is a moonbat...

from her column today. Here's the catch at the top of the article... "The Republican Party is full of secret pro-choicers. If Alito helps to overturn Roe v. Wade, it could crack open the GOP coalition in the country and on Capitol Hill"

But before we get to the secret pro-choicers, here she is attacking Alito and echoing the Axis of Ass line that Mrs. Alito's tears were scripted:

The shock of the rhetorical ploy briefly drove Martha-Ann Alito from the hearing room and gave Graham the stage to defend the judge's character and bemoan the "guilt by association" tactics employed by Democrats. It turns out that Graham had a hand in helping prep Alito for the hearings, which raises the issue of whether the line was scripted.

And here she is trying to prove her point that there are pro choice Republicans who are against Alito (and Bush, etc.):

A pro-choice Republican who spoke with NEWSWEEK but didn't want her name used said she is more worried about Alito after hearing him testify, and wishes the Democrats would spend their time finding a candidate to beat Hillary Clinton in the primaries "or we're going to get four more years of judges like this." She thinks that to win the White House the Democrats need a more centrist candidate than Clinton.

Me: a pro-choice Republican who wants the Democrats to nominate a more centrist candidate so that the Democrats can take back the White House is called a...what's the word I'm looking for???? Oh yeah...a DEMOCRAT.

Here's more from Clift's "Republican":

According to this source, even committed right-to-life activists don't want Roe struck from the books before society is ready. "They think if given the time, they can change the culture. I think they're deluded, but they know it's going to take time."

Democrats will eat their own if given the chance...

there is a cabal of lefty bloggers that feed off of each other. I call it the Axis of Ass (that's "Ass" with a capital "A", as in the animal that the left has chosen as their mascot...not ass with a lower case "a" which God/Darwin/ID has chosen as the exit for my feces...yes, sometimes it is hard to tell the difference which is why I explain myself).

So, if something gets posted on say Kos, it's sure to show up on the DNC site or in relative short order.

But, I find it fascinating how quickly certain members of the cabal will feast on each other. The DNC's Tim Tagaris turned on Biden, Lieberman and Kerry here.

And today, the folks over at go after Nancy Pelosi here. It seems her pick, James Clyburn, to head the "Clean House" committee, isn't so clean.

From NPR:
In 1997, (Clyburn) traveled to the Northern Mariana Islands, a U.S. commonwealth. The trip -- and an earlier trip to the Marianas by two associates of DeLay -- appears to have been paid for by lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

Here's what had to say about Pelosi and her choice:

This clean house committee mistake should never have happened. Clyburn didn't do anything illegal, and there's no proof he even did anything unethical. What's happening here is that the Congressional Black Caucus was probably making a move to raise Clyburn's profile. But a two minute Google search could have shown that this was a politically silly move.
Look, House Democrats, we WANT to defend you. We WANT to take the House back, so YOU'LL have the ability to GOVERN and wield power. We care about the country. But help us, a little bit. I mean come on, throw us a bone here, put some fresh faces in there, maybe a Tim Ryan or someone, anyone, who hasn't taken a trip on Abramoff's dime. It's not rocket science.

Friday, January 06, 2006

trailers for New Orleans

can you believe they still don't have trailers for the homeless wanting to return to New Orleans? It seems these idiots can't decide where to put them. Tell me again why Bush, FEMA and Mike Brown were slow to respond...

Seeking to break what she called an unacceptable logjam, Gov. Kathleen Blanco proposed a kind of summit Thursday with city leaders at which they could resolve lingering issues that have held up the delivery and installation of travel trailers in New Orleans.
Blanco pitched a series of tete-a-tetes, staggered, small-group meetings that would represent a last-ditch effort to jump-start the trailer issue, which most authorities consider a critical component of New Orleans' resurrection.

Fattest city in America

Men's Health magazine lists Chicago as this year's fattest city.
Baltimore is the fittest.


Rival magazine Men's Health had a different take on Baltimore. In its current issue, the magazine ranks Baltimore 93rd on its list of the "100 Best Cities for Men," with grades of "F" in health and quality of life and "C+" in fitness.

when told of the contradiction...

"Baltimore lives on junk food. That's why we're all standing here," said electrician Mark Smith as he surveyed the scene at Lexington Market. The popular downtown lunch spot has dozens of kiosks selling fried chicken and cheap Chinese food.
"I've been eating here for 21 years," Smith said. "I walk around and think, 'What's the lesser of the evils?"'

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Mooning is now legal...

...well it's about time!

WASHINGTON - So this week a Montgomery County judge has ruled that mooning is a cheeky yet legitimate form of communication -- but then, Chaucer and Mel Gibson taught us that long ago.
The truth is that words frequently fail the human species. If you want to send a message, don't call Western Union; an even older, surer technology might serve. Unbuckle, bend, let it shine.
What's the message?
"He was showing his disapproval. . . . It was intended to offend, in the sense of being critical," says lawyer James Maxwell, speaking of his client, Raymond McNealy, 44.

Lindsay Lohan

cover of US Magazine this week...
Learn Lindsay Lohan's Diet Secrets

cover of Vanity Fair this week...

Lindsay Lohan somehow makes puking look sexy.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Jail time for "Punch"?

today's Editorial in the NY Times is hilarious.

Leak investigations are often designed to distract the public from the real issues by blaming the messenger.

You mean like the leak investigation they demanded into Valerie Plame?

My prediction, higher ups in the NY Times know who leaked the information to its reporter. And based on what just happened with Fitzgerald, the NY Times is going to face some pretty tough issues. One, I think the Times probably has control over the reporter's notes in this case. And like with Matt Cooper and Time Magazine, if the Times is found in contempt, monetary penalties could be levied against the parent company. Maybe they'll increase the "Times Select" fee to pay the fines? In any event, if this happens they'll be pressure on the value of the stock to complicate matters. Two, since the higher ups probably now the identity of the leaker or leakers, they'll be called in front of a grand jury. When they refuse, they'll get the same treatment as Judy Miller.

Stay tuned...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More on the NSA...

what's kind of always bugged me on the NSA stuff is that there was never a reporting of exactly where the NSA got its list of who to bug in the first place. But, this hit the AP last night...maybe I missed it over the past week (there was a lot of Bourbon consumed in the past 7 days)...

In the book, which quotes extensively from anonymous sources, Risen said the NSA spying program was launched in 2002 after the CIA began to capture high-ranking al-Qaida operatives overseas, and took their computers, cell phones and personal phone directories.
The CIA turned the telephone numbers and e-mail addresses from the material over to the NSA, which then began monitoring the phone numbers — in addition to anyone in contact with the telephone subscribers, the book said, saying this led to an expansion of the monitoring, both overseas and in the United States.

...if this is how the entire program began, how can anyone in their right mind complain?

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