Thursday, April 21, 2005

Jessica Lunsford

I like (liked?) Jeb Bush. Let's get that out in the open. Although with all the nonsense that's going on in Florida, I think it's pretty good that he's not running again. If I were the Democrat running against him, I'd be ripping him a new one right now on the state of affairs of Florida law enforcement. What was it...last year or so...that a little girl got lost in the foster care system and wound up dead? While her grandma kept getting checks from the state for her care no less! Now the stories of Jessica and Sarah...tragic, just tragic.

Florida is a broken state. Jeb did a great job cleaning up after the 4 hurricanes, but lets face it...we're dealing with a disaster here. They can't figure out how to vote. They can't figure out how to get sexual predators to register with the state. They can't figure out how to track kids in the foster care system. What's next from the Sunshine State?

Jeb is quoted here ( saying Florida needs more prisons, and that will help fix the problem. So, right now, Florida judges are giving light sentences to the most horrible of criminals because of lack of bed space???

But let's not just blame the Governor. Here's an editorial from 2003 from the St. Petersburg Times blasting Bush for, of all things, putting too much money into the prison system! (

Here's another editorial from a couple of days ago...guess what...the St. Petersburg Times blasts the Florida Legislature for not spending enough on prisons and the tracking of these animals.(
Lots of blasting of those in power, but utter nonsense from the 4th estate if you ask me.

Let's add the Judicial Branch to our little rant. From ABC News yesterday, it seems that David Onstott, the guy suspected in the murder of Sarah Lunde, was ARRESTED a few weeks ago for failing to register as a sex offender, but then released! ( What he say to get off? "Your honor, I promise to be very very good from now on. Cross my heart!"

Bill O'Reilly has been making some GREAT points about Florida recently. See here:,2933,153567,00.html.

Quoting Bill from the above link, "In the meantime, the AP ran an article today on those three people who protected Couey, the confessed killer of Jessica Lunsford. They knew Couey was hiding and refused to tell the cops anything about it. As you know, State Attorney Brad King has not charged the three, saying it is not against the law to lie to police. King told the AP, "While we may believe what they did was wrong, legally it's not a crime. To charge somebody just to make the public feel better, I'm not going to do that." (Emphasis in Bold is mine)
Bill Continues, "Just to make the public feel better? Can you believe this guy? There's no question these three obstructed justice, and perhaps worse. You charge them to send a message. If they get off, they get off.
Brad King is off the chart misguided and Americans have to do something. But what?
Well, the only person who could possibly influence King at this point is his friend, Governor Jeb Bush. The governor was very pro-active in the Schiavo case. And maybe he can be persuaded to take a personal interest in Jessica Lunsford's murder. So, if you'd like to speak to the governor about this, there is information on about how to do that. And I think the time has come for the folks, you, to appeal personally to those in power.

So......Martha Stewart goes to jail for lying to the Stock Market Police, but these three who lied to you know, the REAL Police, have done nothing wrong. How come we know exactly which country estate Martha is in 24/7 but we have no freaking clue where any of the convicted sexual predators are?

And we're right back where we started.'ve got a few more months to preserve your legacy...let's see what you got...

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